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Wishes and Dreams Glass Vial Pendant Project – DIY Necklace Tutorial

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Wishes and Dreams Glass Bottle Necklace

Wishes and Dreams Glass Bottle Necklace

Like so many gals these day, I was burning time surfing on Pinterest when I came across this stunning little pendant idea. Unfortunately it didn’t include the DIY tutorial, but being a jewelry maker myself, I think I can help explain how to make this tiny glass vial pendant necklace.  So below are my own step by step instructions, along with my own spin on this necklace design and a couple of new ideas.

First, giving credit where credit is due, here is the link to the original blog (Beyond Beyond) that featured this stunning wish glass bottle necklace: DIY Wish Bottle Necklace

“Make a Wish” Glass Vial Pendant Project – DIY Tutorial

DIY Wish Bottle Necklace Tutorial

DIY Wish Bottle Necklace Tutorial

Here are my directions for making this necklace, or one similar.

Make your Own Glass Bottle Necklace – Supplies List

1 Small Glass vial with Cork. I found these tiny glass bottles for sale online here: http://www.sunburstbottle.com/glass-bottles/corked

I also found these bottles at Michaels Crafts both in the jewelry supply section and elsewhere in the scrapbook and stamping section of the store.

Enough link chain to make the necklace as long as you would like to wear it (the bottle itself will add some length to your pendant so keep that in mind). You can get chain anyplace jewelry making supplies are sold, and online. 16 inches if you want the bottle to fall at your clavicle, 18 inches for standard necklace length, 20+ inches for a longer style pendant.

About six inches of jewelry wire. Any gauge should work above say, 24 gauge (the larger the number, the smaller and thinner the wire–it’s backwards).  I would probably use 20 or 22 gauge, or basically something a little sturdier and thicker since you will be securing the top of the bottle to the chain with it. Personally, I like half-hard round sterling silver or silver plated wire – anything other than dead soft wire should work fine. If you are using cheaper craft wire, you might want to select one that says “anti tarnish” on it.
Necklace Clasp Finding of your choice. Like, a lobster claw clasp, or spring ring clasp, or whatever you like. If you make this pendant chain long enough to just slip over your head, you may not need a clasp at all.

Charm (you can find these online or at your craft store), like the Wish charm in the original necklace, or the dream charm shown in my necklace.  You can use any type of charms you like to personalize your necklace.  If your charm doesn’t come with a jump ring, you might want to add another jump ring or split ring to your list of supplies.

Something to put inside of your little bottle: e.g. dandelion seeds for making wishes (which you will need to collect outside in your yard, sorry…I don’t know where you can buy these online), or any other item like a rolled piece of paper with a message or prayer written upon it, or sand and a tiny seashell from your favorite beach, or sparkling crystals, dried flowers, or whatever you like! The original concept of this necklace called for dandelion seeds, hence the make a wish idea, which I love! :-)   Keep in mind whatever you decide to stuff in your bottle will need to fit through the opening.

2 open jump rings or split rings (these are jewelry findings)

Tools – Jewelry pliers (buy a set in the jewelry making section of your craft store – these come in handy for all sorts of crafts)

How to Make a Wish Bottle Pendant – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1 – Open your bottle and add items inside, then cork it tightly.   Dandelion fluff seeds.  Pearls. Crystals. Beads.  A wish or message printed on paper and rolled up inside.  A leaf rolled up.  Sand. Tiny seashell.  I put three pearls in my bottle then the dandelion seeds.  Also, a peacock sword feather as shown here made a very pretty variation!

Peacock sword feather in little bottle


Step 2 – Cut your jewelry chain into two equal lengths (one for each side of the necklace).  You will be attaching one piece of chain to each side of your little bottle.

Step 3 – Next we will wire wrap the bottle to attach it to your chain. Cut and lay out about six inches or more of jewelry wire.  Place the lip of the glass bottle in the center of your wire. Wrap one end of the wire around the bottle neck a couple times and pull the wire tight. Wrap the other end around the bottle neck a couple times in the other direction. So, you will have the bottle neck wrapped and secured, with a piece of wire sticking out on either side of the neck of the bottle.

Now we will make a loop on each wire to attach the necklace chain on each side of the bottle. Use your jewelry pliers to make a round loop, close to the bottle neck. If you are not familiar with jewelry making techniques, you can see how this is done here, and also in the video below.  It isn’t hard: basically, bend the wire at a right angle, then use the round pliers and pull the wire around to form a round loop shape.  Practice makes perfect.

Important step! – Before you close the wire-wrapped loop, slide one end of your link chain onto the loop to attach the chain to the end of the loop you just made, then close the wire loop by using your pliers to wrap the end of the wire around the stem wire. Cut off the excess wire using wire cutters and press in any rough edges using your jewelry pliers.

Repeat this wire loop process on the other side and secure the second necklace chain to the loop on the other side of the bottle.

Step 4 – Ok, now you are ready to attach your charm and clasp. Hold the necklace up to your neck to make sure you can adjust the length to make it shorter if you want, before attaching the clasp.  Decide which side you want your charm on, and attach the charm to the chain by either sliding it onto the end of the chain, or securing it to a chain link with an open jump ring or split ring.

Step 5 – Now attach the clasp to each end of your chain.  Use your jewelry pliers to open one of your split rings or open jump rings. Here are instructions for how to work with jump rings. Slide the open ring onto the end of the link chain to attach the chain to the loop. Attach one side of your clasp onto the loop, and use the pliers to close the loop, thus securing the chain to the clasp. Repeat this on the other chain to attach the second half of the clasp.  If you prefer, you can use split rings instead of open jump rings.

That’s it!  Your super cute and unique necklace is ready to wear.


If you enjoyed this jewelry making project, please feel free to share it on Pinterest using the Pin button above this posting. If you decide to re-post this project on your own blog, please give credit and a link back to this posting. Thanks and happy crafting!

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