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Red Scarf Project | DIY Knit Scarf Pattern by Vickie Howell

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Red Scarf by Vickie Howell for Bernat

Red Scarf by Vickie Howell for Bernat

Looking for an easy DIY Knit Scarf Pattern?  Here is a great red scarf, blogged by Vickie Howell for Bernat.  Best of all, you can knit one for yourself, and another red scarf for the Red Scarf Project charity at the same time.

Get to Know: Red Scarf Project | Bernat Blog


Vickie Howell: When I discovered The Red Scarf Project several years ago, I was thrilled to see that knitting and crochet was being used to benefit orphans. In the past, I’d only come across yarn-related charities that benefited

More about the Red Scarf Project
Excerpt below from http://www.fc2success.org/programs/red-scarf-project-and-book-club/

The Red Scarf Project

Do you love to knit or crochet? Whether you are a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between, your handiwork can send warmth and encouragement to a foster student! Click here for more information on red scarf knitting guidelines.

The handmade red scarves in each of our Valentine’s Day care packages become treasured keepsakes that our students wear for years. The Red Scarf Project offers a unique opportunity to use your creativity to give a truly personal gift to one student as he or she moves forward to graduation and a brighter future.

Ok, now onto the red scarf knit pattern!  Follow the link below to Vickie’s blog and the patterns!

the same time.

Get to Know: Red Scarf Project | Bernat Blog



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