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DIY Wedding Project: Hair Flower Crown

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DIY Hair Flower Crown by Green Wedding ShoesLook at this super cute DIY wedding project from Green Wedding Shoes! This lovely wedding hair flower project could be easily adapted from a crown to another type of attachment such as a ribbon headband that you tie underneath your hair, or a regular headband, for example.  Tip – To attach the flowers to a headband, comb, or to ribbons, you can use a hot glue gun, or an adhesive like Fabric Tac.  A needle and thread would also work well for attaching flowers, but you will want to sew through a felt round on the base of the flower and not try to poke a needle through the plastic flower stem.  You can purchase silk flowers at Michaels Crafts or JoAnn Fabric or online, and just pop the heads off the stems (but be careful not to pull the center stamen of the flower out because the petals will fall off).  Cut a felt round and glue it to the base of the flower which will make it more secure and easier to attach.  You can
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